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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Indie Anthology 5: essential songs

Back from a another work trip mixed with holidays. And we do it with our fifth "anthologic" tune, in this case another song that in barely 2 minutes, says it all. A personal favourite hailing from Sweden that I hope you enjoy.

SongThe Quiz
ArtistHello Saferide
Year: 2006

Annika Norlin is an incredible songwriter, and one of her finest moments is this little indie-pop wonder. Made with the intention of completing her live setlist, the tune became very popular and demanded among her fans, so she finally recorded it for the EP "Would You Let Me Play this EP 10 Times a Day?". This peculiar test is fun, witty, fragile, close and fully recognisable to anyone scared of starting a relationship, declaring herself. A phenomenal example of how sometimes "less is more", and how important are lyrics. Simple, concise, compelling, enduring, charming.

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