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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Indie Anthology 53: essential songs

Oops! I kind of forgot this section of the Blog, but here we are, back with our Indie Anthology, paying tribute to one of our mighty indie-heroines, thanks to the documentary on Sarah Records. Of course, I'm referring to the great Amelia Fletcher. So, ready for a trip to heaven?

Song: Atta Girl
Artist: Heavenly
Year: 1993

Sure, if this section keeps going, Marine Research and the fundamental Talulah Gosh will have a spot here (most probably Tender Trap too). But the first time an Amelia Fletcher tune made the click with me was 'Atta Gil'. The breaking waves, that long, mind-blowing guitar intro, announcing the arrival of a storm that breaks before the first minute. As a matter of fact is Cathy Rogers who sings the first part of the tune, but despite hers and Amelia's voices are sweet, there's a rage and pain that can't be hided, ready to be spitted into a rapid-fire combination of vocals. An unrequited love tale that turns into something much much bitter. Punk, that is. Amelia blasts "I don’t need you or your attitude/and can’t you just forget now that you ever knew me" and one clearly sees how, while mainstream pop goes the other way around, this courageous woman has been putting substance into what looks like fun, unabashed pop during all her career.  

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