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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Night of Fear of Men

 Signed copy of 'Early Fragments' 
Great first night at Primavera Club 2014!

Comfortable festival, nice new venues and, what's more important, really interesting bands. Proper chronicle will arrive shortly, but I couldn't help writing about Fear of Men's memorable night at Teatre Principal in Barcelona. Amazing gig from start to finish, upbeat, mostly danceable and absolutely irresistible. Gold jangle-pop propelled by Daniel Falvey chiming guitars and Jessica Weiss immaculate performance. I knew she had a fantastic voice, but what a dynamic and engaging frontwoman she also is!

The setlist of a memorable night
Setlist prioritised the most energetic tunes, something that proved to be a superb choice. The beginning was terrific, with the quartet delivering flawless renditions of 'Alta/Waterfall', 'Green Sea', 'Mosaic', 'Doldrums' and 'Born' consecutively, but the highlights, at least for me, where the striking cover of masterpiece 'Pink Frost' from The Chills with Jess seeming to be possessed by the vibe of the tune, the incredible 'Ritual Confession', one of my favourite tunes from the quartet, where I almost crashed my voice trying to reach the highest notes before the spectacular chorus, and the epic climax of final tune 'Inside', where guitars (again Falvey, what a performance) exploded. Among the best shows of the year for sure. Just love them!

Such an excellent night deserved a final touch. It was very nice to meet the Brighton band, chat with them briefly and have my "fan moment", as you can see in the photos. A grace note and a huge payoff for an equally huge fan, thanks to a band no one should miss. Thanks Fear of Men!! 

More interesting promising music at the second day of the Festival! We'll keep you posted!

Meeting the band. Photo: Bloodbuzzed

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