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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick round of new & unmissable music!

A quick post on some of the most exciting comebacks/ music news happening right now. Hope you enjoy!

Swedish craftsmanships Turn Off Your Television are back with "Blanket of Shame", first single in anticipation of their forthcoming album, "Humble Waves", out in October 8th, and again available for download freely. They seem to openly embrace indiepop territory in the song, which fits the band extremely well. They have been gifted with a talent for melody and warmth, amplified to masterly levels here. What a terrific advance of the album, can't wait for it!

Without moving from the gorgeous Sweden we meet again Kristian Matsson, famously known as The Tallest Man on Earth. "There's No Leaving Now" is his new record, out since June, on which you can find folk gems like this "Revelation Blues", here on a quite special performance (courtesy of City of Music).

Another ace tune from my beloved Paolo and Claire, aka Young Romance. "Lines" tries a bit to take off, resembling too much to a Tennis song (which is not bad per se, but not very original). But the spark, that fire the couple have injected to all their songs to date, arrives, and when it does, its unstoppable. Their music enlightens any room, shimmers. Oops, they did it again!
Lines by Young Romance

And finally, the great Amelia Fletcher has returned. The new Tender Trap album, "Ten Songs About Girls", out on Fortuna Pop! " is full of amazing tunes (as expected). Just hear the upbeat, lush and effervescent opener "King's Cross Station" and tell me you don't like it (if so, sorry, but you are probably deaf then).
Tender Trap-Train from King's Cross station

Many more (a Baffin Island EP, Beth Orton, Seapony, Parlours) coming very soon!

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