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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Discoverer 106: new indie findings

Our regular Discoverer Series make three new amazing stops just for you this weekend!!

The Ocean Party. Back to Australia to introduce you the music from this quintet of friends, who originally met in high school in Wagga Wagga, but didn’t become a band until years later, when they all found themselves living in Melbourne. After a drummer change in the line-up their self-release debut record 'The Sun Rolled off the Hills' appeared in 2011. Extremely prolific band whose members still find time to enroll themselves in multiple parallel projects like Velcro, Aleks and the Ramps, Kins, etc, they have been publishing an album each year: Social Clubs in 2012, 'Split' on 2013 and latest, 'Soft Focus', out this autumn via Jigsaw & Spunk Records. Majestic guitar-driven pop tunes, a foot in the 80s glorious indie-pop penned in their continent and another in bands like our beloved Real Estate. Most accurate band-name in years for this jangly-pop sorcerers. Not to be missed.  

The Courtneys. Hailing from Vancouver, this all-female trio formed around 2010, although their first live show didn't arrive until a year later, and their first release, the tape single 'K.C. Reeves' came out in April 2012, followed by another great one, '90210' in December. Both tunes were featured in their self-titled debut album, out in June 2013 via Hockey Dad Records. Two more singles have followed this 2014, 'Lost Boys' and 'Mars Attacks', which makes the almost impossible for this blogger: and indie-pop tune with a rap section that actually sounds amazing. It's just the latest example of a band that invites you to smile, have fun and enjoy the ride: early ’90s indie-rock and a mind-blowing talent to come out with an instant-catching melody. You are invited to Jen, Sydney and Courtney's party, one you are going to enjoy!
Pretty Sad. A trio with pretty few references on the Internet, precisely the tool that makes this band a reality, as their members are scattered throughout Scotland, Denmark and UK. The tunes of Victoria, Luke and Maxim got the virtual attention of our dear friends at Shelflife Records, who now present their digital debut, a self-titled EP with three wonderful tunes anticipating a hopefully 2015 full length album. Dreamy, ethereal indie-pop full of gorgeous guitar-lines, soaring vocals (instant crush with Victoria's voice, I guarantee you) and bubbling drums. Three perfect tunes that have completely disarmed us. We need more please!

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