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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Discoverer 107: new indie findings

Our Discoverer Series adopts a dreamy and evokative style for this rainy weekend, enjoy!

Lily and Madeleine. Let me introduce you to the Jurkiewicz sisters. Hailing from Indianapolis, USA, their natural and graceful talents started to buzz around the Internet in early 2012, when they uploaded some tunes as well as cover songs to YouTube, just for fun. Among the ones watching was producer Paul Mahern who, with the help of songwriter Kenny Childers. teamed up with the sisters to release debut EP 'The Weight of the Globe' in January 2013. Single 'In The Middle' again hit heavy YouTube and Reddit, grabbing the attention of Asthmatic Kitty Records. The label quickly signed them & issued the EP on 10'' in June while the duo re-entered the studio to record their self-titled debut, out that October. Prolific & hard-working, now Lily & Madeleine are back with sophomore album, 'Fumes', released a month ago. Surprisingly confident and mature despite their young ages, their songs, just have that rare, perfect combination of sweetness, fuelled by the mind-blowing blending of their voices, with a haunting hint of mystery and darkness. It's all quiet and harmonic on the surface, but the clouds are about to come... Affecting and immediate lovable music.

Dianas. Another duo, this time based in Perth, Australia. Singers-guitarists Nathalie Pavlovic & Caitlin Moloney, helped by Ashley Ramsey on drums, joined forces in late 2012, after several adventures in another combos. They quickly came out with debut EP '#01' that November, followed by single 'Cruelty/Origami', out in Hot Violet in August 2013. This year, they released another EP, '#02', in February, and just now, the digital single '1.000 Years', that seems to be anticipating a full album on the final stages. Expansive & free indie-pop, Dianas have a quite unique sound combining dreamy atmospheres, swelling guitars and whispered, ultra-soft vocals. Intriguing and addictive music to follow closely.
Parrot Dream. And we end with a Chilean-North American quartet based in New Yok. Formed a year ago, since August we can enjoy their first release to date, 'Set Sail Someday' an EP made of six tunes, out on Beast Discos, that you can freely grab at their website. Something you should do as fast as you read this words, because the foursome has all the charms and tunes to knock you out. Warm and lush dreampop, subtly wrapped in synths and layers were guitar lines and the lovely vocals of Christina Appel just melt naturally like the sea and the horizon. Here comes the most gentle autumn. Embrace the dreamy sundown.

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