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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Spanish Indie 21: suggesting the best national acts

The section devoted to national discoveries returns! And as a every great comeback deserves, we do it in full form, thanks to our three favourite local labels and psychedelic vibes!

Aries. Pending for many months, after reviewing the record at Indienauta it became mandatory. Behind the zodiac name hides the solo project of Isabel Fernández Reviriego, hailing from Bilbao but based in Vigo. Part of Electrobikinis and the memorable Charades, when the band called it a day, Isa keep working on new music. In 2012 she released debut LP 'Magia Bruta' on Bcore, followed by the digital free download of 'Grabaciones Varias' that same year. The bet was doubled with her sophomore album, 'Mermelada Dorada', out early this year on our dear La Castanya. Psychedelic pop, sweet, sunny, sensual, and evocative. Don't miss the hypnosis session summoned by this adorable & talented witch.
Muñeco. Hailing from Barcelona, Albert, Raül, Raúl (excellent taste, kudos to the families), Manel and Xoán started their instrumental project around 2010, first as a trio, then as a quintet since 2012, when they self-released 'Muñeco EP'. Well-received by critics, they toured Spain and got the attention of our most beloved label El Genio Equivocado, with whom released their debut album, 'Ocurre', this April. A kaleidoscopic feast of psychedelic, krautrock, space-rock and Manchester sounds. A sonic universe of their own that achieves genuine levels of greatness live, where their adventurous songs invites, impacts and overwhelms the listener.
The Hills Around. Coming from Castelldefels, Barcelona, the band, built by Luis González & Thierry Agulló formed around 2012, with first demos being heard in early 2013. This year, after being recruited by the perennial good taste of Discos de Kirlian, their proper first release, a self-titled 7" has just arrived this autumn. Three songs that sound, smell and feel like old-school guitar-pop. Melancholic, delicate, elegant, melodic to a quiet catharsis. Hear the echoes of the 70s and 80s, speculate with influences of the Go-Betweens or Roxy Music. But most importantly, let yourself drown on this trio of golden, eternal pop. More soon please!

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