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Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Songs of the Year 2013: 75-51

Chapter II of our favourite 100 tunes released this 2013. 25 more songs, now comprised between positions 75 to 51. Again, you have the complete (20 tunes) playlist at our newly created Soundcloud page, and if the song isn't available there, you'll have an alternative direct link. As we explained on the previous list, only three songs per band, so we've been able to include more groups (bands "affected" by this limitation are The National, Savages and Go Violets). Third part of the list coming very soon, so stay tuned. Hope you enjoy!

75. Math and Physics Club- Long Drag
74. Lose The Reason- The Primitives
73. The Most Beautiful Boy- The Choo Choo Trains
72. Winter Coat- Coach Station Reunion
71. Mean Streets- Tennis
70. Fool of a Kind- Marine Life
69. Lose Control- Brothers in Law
68. Temporary Touch- Selebrities
67. We Don't Have Any Cuts to Waste- The Very Most
66. Daedalus- San Fermin
65. Marshal Dear- Savages (link to video)
64. Show Me the Wonder- Manic Street Preachers (link to video)
63. Let Them All In- I Am Kloot
62. Gun- Chvrches
61. I Don’t Know What to Do With My Hands- Minor Alps
60. Ha Ha Ha- The Julie Ruin
59. Floating- Mequetrefe
58. Dead in Your Head- Bleached
57. Evil/Shy- The Mini Skips
56. Generación Perdida- Las Ruinas
55. Girls Like Us- Pins
54. Through the Deep, Dark Wood- The Veils
53. El Mundo Se Va a Acabar- Pauline en la Playa
52. Can You Keep A Secret- The Birthday Kiss
51. Wanted- Go Violets

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