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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Discoverer 79: new indie findings

Penultimate and very female-sounding new indie discoveries of the year (we have to prepare the best of the 2013 lists), hope you enjoy!

Cate Le Bon. Hailing from Penboyr, Wales, but based in L.A., Cate gained public attention while supporting Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) on his 2007 solo UK tour. That same year, she self-released her first single "No One Can Drag Me Down"/"Disappear" and recorded the shelved album "Pet Deaths". In 2008 came "Edrych yn Llygaid Ceffyl Benthyg", an EP sung in Welsh, while collaborating on Neon Neon's album "Stainless Style". In 2009 her first proper LP "Me Oh My" came out on Rhys' Irony Bored label, followed with her sophomore release, "Cyrk" in 2012, and after singing with Manic Street Preachers on their latest "Rewind the Film", since November we can enjoy the hypnotic "Mug Museum". A peculiar folky voice, somber lyrics and a music style that summons Nico's mystery combined with Eleanor Friedberger's natural grace, Cate's tunes are an extremely charming pleasure.
Go Violets. Coming from Brisbane, Australia, this all-female quartet formed in 2011. After a digital release in March 2012, "^​-​.​-​^" EP, three tunes, "Teenager" in August 2012, "Josie" in May 2013 and "Wanted" in August 2013, anticipated her debut proper release, the EP "Heart Slice", available since October on Create Control. Six delicious tunes of immediate addiction, full of killer hooks and harmonic vocals, bringing us back to the magic music of Tiger Trap, Go Sailor, where garage meets the sweetest pop. You can't do much more than falling in love with the Go Violets...    
Lady Lamb the Beekeper. Behind this stage name hides musician 24-years-old Aly Spaltro, hailing from Brunswick, Maine, but now based in NY. She began her career in 2007 recording songs in a DVD rental store, using it as a studio after finishing her daily job duties, giving out free samples of them in handmade packages to the local Bullmoose Record Store. In 2008 multi-instrumentalist TJ Metcalfe joined her, releasing "Samples For Handsome Animals" and becoming one of most popular local acts. Reverted to a solo project again in 2010 she was named Folk Artist of the Year by the Boston Music Awards. Finally, on February 2013, she released her first studio album, "Ripely Pine". She's a storm, a singer-songwriter with an unbelievable intensity, an explosion of feelings that come in multiple forms, without missing her stark rawness. Like Torres (Spaltro has supported her live) here's a genuine talent.

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