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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Discoverer 56: new indie findings

New dose of great discoveries for your listening pleasure!

PUPS. Had several options among to choose from, but friend TVM's Jeremy Jensen just let me know that Rose Melberg has a new band! So first goes first. The indiepop heroine (Tiger Trap, The Softies, Go Sailor, Brave Irene, solo, etc) has started a Vancouver based trio called PUPS (or it's Puppies?). Their first release is a split tape with Movieland on Green Burrito Records, released just two days ago (name your price on their bandcamp). Six tunes that sound like a slightly edgier version of Melberg's usual magic compositions, but equally shiny and addictive. A must, of course!

Wonky Doll and the Echo. First Greek band that reaches my inbox? Hailing from Athens, this oddly-named quartet, formed in 2010, then recorded their first promo that December. Many local and national performances followed, crystallised with the arrival of "Pleasant Thoughts" on September 2012. Nine hypnotic and flawless songs bringing us back to the 80's. A solid blend of post-punk, new wave and indie rock that flirts with synths and retro electronica as well as goth sounds. Think on The Cult meeting Echo and the Bunnymen. Icy atmospheres, ethereal guitars, gloomy vocals... and a lot of talent and promise.

The Choo Choo Trains. Meet Emma, Catherine and Veronica, my latest music crush. Active since 2010, they come from London, UK and their first release, a 17 tracks tape, came out in April of 2012, making them achieve some sounding reviews. Now it has a follow-up in the 7" EP entitled "I Choo-Choo-Choose You!" out this February on Manic Pop! Records, with some hints on a forthcoming album. They define themselves as "girl-guide shoegaze" from the heart and soul. But this is a twee-pop delight mixed with some lo-fi attitude. Irresistible charm coming from the fragile vocals, the whispered stories of the lyrics and the colourful melodies that shape their sound. Band to love.

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