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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Primavera Sound 2014: My Wish List

It's another tradition to honour. The Primavera Sound Festival will unveil its line-up on January 28th, it seems that with a movie (intriguing!). The few names announced so far, Arcade Fire, Pixies and Neutral Milk Hotel are not very exciting for me, and rumours like NIN, Beck, Neil Young or Kanye West are so worrying, not to mention terrible proposals like Daft Punk (just my opinion of course). So, as we did on previous years, here's how my wish list would like. It's a mix between personal desires and bands that, seeing their agendas, could very well be in Barcelona next May... Fingers crossed, because it could be an incredible edition! If you follow my advice... maybe the slogan #bestfestivalever might be true, hehehe....

  1. Alpaca Sports. The pluperfect indiepop band, how long without them in Barcelona? Not fair.
  2. Beth Orton. Needed. Too long since the last time I saw her.
  3. Cat Power. Dropped last year, but she's still touring, so second chance in 2014? It would be fantastic.
  4. Decemberists, The. Still one of my must-see bands. Still!!!!
  5. DIIV. Same case as Chan Marshall. Eagerly expected.
  6. Fear of Men. Debut LP ready for Spring. Mandatory band to watch & hear on 2014
  7. Go Violets. My best EP of 2013. They deserve a spot in Barcelona...
  8. Hospitality. New album arriving on early 2014, they do have to cross the Atlantic this time...
  9. Julie Ruin, The. Kathleen Hanna is back, and happily, she's also touring. Even more than that, they play in France on May 27th, so their schedule fits wonderfully... Enough said.
  10. National, The. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. Dates fit so well. Won't be as special as seeing them in L.A. but of course, we'll be there.
  11. New Zealanders. Primavera Sound bring newcomers Trick Mammoth and Males to Barcelona. And Prophet Hens (all three bands courtesy of Fishrider Records). And Astro Children. I could go on....
  12. Real Estate. We know there's an album on the making, so we want them back.
  13. Rose Elinor Dougall. Arguably one of the most haunting voices ever imo, her latest EP, "Future Vanishes", is another solid step on her striking solo career so far. Sophomore album and tour are on the works so please make a stop in Barcelona...  
  14. San Fermin. Can you imagine how amazing could be a San Fermin gig at Auditori? American tour ends in March, so why not an European leg in Spring?
  15. Sleater-Kinney. Wild Flag is over, they gathered on stage at a Pearl Jam's gig recently and the buzz keeps going. If it's not just a rumour, this is a MUST for Primavera Sound. Enough said (part II)
  16. Slowdive. Kind of a rumour again, although Rachel and Neil are reuniting for some gigs in London, so here's hoping...
  17. Softies, The. Or any combo, new project in which Rose Melberg is involved. With The Softies I want to claim a much bigger space for indiepop at Primavera please!!
  18. Torres. Another MUST (why only in Madrid this Autumn?). At Auditori it would be mind-blowing. 
  19. Wild Swans, The. Reissues and more reissues, why not a tour throughout Europe? Or at least Barcelona in Spring? Paul Simpson say yes!
  20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Didn't like "Mosquito", one of the biggest disappointments of the year imo, but I have to see Karen O at least once live... 

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