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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Best Songs of the Year 2013: 100-76

And finally, after GigsBooks, EPs and Records, we begin the 3rd edition of the Bloodbuzzed's Best Songs of the Year. Our favourite 100 tunes released this 2013*. As we did the previous years, the list has been split in fourth posts of 25 songs each. So here's the first one, with tunes from 100 to 76. We have changed to SoundCloud as we believe it's easier for everyone (if the song isn't available there's an alternative direct link). Stay tuned for the rest of the songs. Have your say and enjoy the music!

100. El Marco Incomparable- Gente Joven
99. Dyed in the Wools- Widowspeak
98. When It’ll Come- When Nalda Became Punk
97. Calm Down- The Love Language
96. In the Waves- Shady Elders
95. Waiting for the Summer- The Proper Ornaments
94. Devil We Know- Lily & Madeleine
93. She’s Gone- Upset
92. Survivor Guilt Anthem- Two Seconds to Midnight
91. Real Tears- Seabirds
90. With Her Shadow- Born Ruffians
89. Lecce, Leaving- Lee Ranaldo
88. Fin de Semana en Londres- Puzzles y Dragones
87. Mother Earth, Father God- Torres
86. Separator- Ex Cops
85. Golden Twin- Wild Ones
84. Poison Ivy- Rose Elinor Dougall
83. Beix- Les Sueques
82. Just a Pup- The Very Most
81. (Just Like) Susan George- The Blanche Hudson Weekend
80. I’ll Be Honest- The Spook School
79. December- Braids
78. Water Damage- Dick Diver
77. Alleyways- The Adelines
76. Divide and Fall- The Wolfhounds

* Three songs per band maximum to include more groups, which has "affected" The National, Savages and Go Violets.

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