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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Math and Physics Club & Alpaca Sports new wonders!

If yesterday was folk, today I have to write about two wonderful indiepop comebacks.

First, a most welcomed return after three years of silence. Math and Physics Club are back with single "Long Drag/Across the Paper", just out on Matinée Recordings (yeah I know, Bubblegum Lemonade and now this?, the explanation is simple: the label is always on a roll). The release precedes the Seattle band's new album, "Our Hearts Beat Out Loud", out later in the year. The title track, "Long Drag" is simply stunning, pulse-beating, addictive and joyful (how many times I have written that hand-claps can make the difference?) and a killer chorus. In contrast, b-side "Across the Paper" is a mellower, more intimate affair immediately recalling Allo Darlin' with their ukulele. Charming. What a comeback!
And second, Alpaca Sports. AGAIN. "He Doesn't Even Like You" is their new single and, AGAIN, is a gorgeous, naturally irresistible, and catchy as hell pop tune (backed with a Tiny Fireflies remix of "I Was Running"). One more song and I will start to think the Swedish have sold their soul to the devil (indiepop devil, that is) and that's why they keep releasing gem after gem effortlessly (or at least, that's what it seems). Please, Alpaca Sports, release them together so we can finally have them compiled! Plus, and needless to say, have to watch them live...


  1. You're not kidding about needing to see them live. Second best band of NYC Popfest, IMO.

    1. :D How many tunes did they play? I'm really impressed with them (I really want to know how they will work with a full LP if they think to release one...)

    2. I think they played about 10 songs or so. With all their EPs and singles, I think they have at least that many.

  2. "the album will have five “old” songs and five brand new ones." "The release date isn’t set yet but a good guess would be in early October."

  3. To read that is heaven, thanks so much for the info!!