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Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Just a Pup", The Very Most's little indiepop workshop

Just a Pup EP

This a review of a very special release, on a very special day (American time zone) for his main creator. Of course, I'm referring to Jeremy Jensen from The Very Most and his latest EP, "Just a Pup", that this blog had the honour to premiere. So, first goes first. Happy birthday dear Jeremy!

So, dear readers, this time I'm going to ask you to allow me to be a bit romantic, even naive, ok? In this fifth EP from the Boise band you're going to find everything what makes The Very Most's songs so adorable. In that sense, the band seems to be at top of their game. I know that in the digital era the following image is almost absurd, but to hell with that. Do you remember the tales your parents told you about Santa Claus? The ones that fascinated me were about the magic workshop where, with the help of the elves, he created the toys to deliver on Christmas Eve. I want to imagine Jeremy at the studio as an indiepop Santa Claus in his workshop, crafting the tunes surrounded by his cast of allies, hearing melodies in his head that he is capable to capture and translate into songs after picking the right instrument among thousands and setting tone, rhythm, voices, sounds evolving into perfect works as if they were there, waiting for him to be caught, suspended on air. The Very Most's little indiepop workshop. A haunting place where even the artwork and EP design stands out on its own (a blue wonder this time illustrated by ridiculously gifted Marta Tortajada), that now offers us another gift in the form of three new tunes, with an extra.

Because it is just a matter of seconds you recognise the always sweet and lush indiepop from Jeremy Jensen and Co. The trademark swirling melodies that in opener "Just a Pup" got a refreshing turning twist thanks to Seapony's Danny Rowland's guitar line halfway of the tune and Gia Trotter's vocals. I wrote it once and I'm going to do it again: it's a classic on its own. Another gem to add to an already stunning collection of indiepop gems.

But being charming and sweet in the sounds doesn't mean you can't get serious. And I'm happy as well as excited to see The Very Most is not afraid of getting political. "Idaho, America in 2049" and "We Don't Have Any Cuts to Waste" shows a different side of the band lyrically without losing its quintessential sound. As a matter of fact, "Idaho" deserves a mention on its own, as TVM blends two songs in one with blatant confidence. It all sounds mellow and relaxed, then it all stops to turn frantic and hallucinogenic before ending in its previous incarnation. Brian Wilson anyone? In the other hand, "We Don't Have..." is the more upbeat and shiny of the lot. Keyboards soaring, and that sense an epic pop stampede on the verge of exploding anytime... until you hear the lyrics, that is.

And we arrive to the end. I know, I said three songs when the EP has four, but the cover of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" doesn't really work as a TVM tune. Nothing to blame the band for. On the contrary, it's understandable: if you are lucky to have Liz Hunt's from the irresistible The School singing, the result it's obvious: she's going to "steal" the show. 

I know it seems weird to mention Santa Claus when we just started summer and with the tremendous heatwave we are suffering in half of the States right now. But music lovers believe me, The Very Most is just offering us another indiepop gift. Go get it!

SCORE: 7,25/10

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