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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Discoverer 65: new indie findings

New round of band proposals, first since we landed in California, so I prepared something a bit special, with all groups coming from San Francisco/Bay Area. Hope you like them!

Surf Club. The origins of our first proposal draw us back to 2011 and the band Craft Spells. Frankie Soto from Stockton (very near Bay Area) was an early, pre-label member of the successful combo, the one that didn't relocated to Seattle after signing with Idle Labor. Soto didn't remain passive and quickly assembled Surf Club. Their debut release, "Young Love" EP arrived in February 2012, with songs "Reverie", "Heaven" and latest "Swoon", out since March 2013, following to date. As their name announces, here's a vital dose of surf-pop style, infused on warm shoegaze, jangling guitars and ghostly vocals. Undeniably addictive.

Cool Ghouls. My initial impression of San Francisco is that it has a rockin, unabashedly energetic, joyful vibe. Like this local combo and their engaging music. Active since 2011, the quartet first tunes' arrived later that year, with the "Alright Cassette", following the summer of 2012 (two EPs, one of them live, are also available for free here). Since April we can enjoy their S/T first official album, out on Empty Cellar Records, confirming all expectations. Classic rock scents ready to morph into infectious pop, rambling garage or sun-soaked psychedelia pieces, propelled by guitars and three-headed vocal attacks. What a party!
Marine Life. If my music instincts serve me well, this is going to be a major crush. This SF group just begun their career in late 2012,  recently releasing their debut single (download it for free at their Bandcamp) “Fool of a Kind” while currently work on their debut EP, expected for this summer. This shimmering indiepop pill, a true gentle, laid-back gem fuelled by adorable female vocals, made me look for more. Didn't find much out there (a couple of live recordings including a great cover of Echo and the Bunnymen "Lips Like Sugar") but enough to get me excited, anxious. Can't wait for the EP and the chance of seeing them live!

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