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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Indie Anthology 30: essential songs

I've been meaning to go back posting on the Indie Anthology series for ages, but September and October are being very stressful and frustrating months. Anyway, I guess I needed a reason to be cheerful & a little push to recover the "section", and today I found one, in the form of a gentle gesture from a wonderful friend.... who happens to be and indiepop wizard (yeah, this is going to get a bit emotional, too). Ladies and gentlemen, there's an indiepop classic below, so prepare you ears...

Song: Good Fight Fighting
Artist: The Very Most
Year: 2008

Is this my favourite tune from The Very Most? The most representative from their best release imo? The first one I heard perhaps? Or the most cheerful song of their immaculate career? The answer to all these questions is no. But "Good Fight Fighting" has a special meaning for me since summer. Hear how the mind blowing chorus flows into the second verse as if they were born together. How a toy piano can make your hair bristle. Or how voices can intertwine and become a shining harmony. Hear. Listen. Enjoy. The music of The Very Most stops time. But aside from being another perfect pop tune coming from Jeremy Jensen's mastermind, "Good Fight Fighting" to me also means a privileged moment. An instant of unexpected intimacy shared only with me and my girlfriend while TVM was rehearsing at Jeremy's home, and they came with a stunning rendition of this tune. One that made everyone on the room say: that was a good one, wasn't it? But it wasn't just that. It was a incredibly brilliant interpretation of a fantastic song from someone I'm so honoured, proud and lucky to call my friend. What an special moment.

Plus, the video is as charming as the song.

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