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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Discoverer 73: new indie findings

Sunday has arrived, so it's time for new indie proposals, enjoy !

The Secret History. For a long time on my radar, it was just a matter of proper listening to feature this Brooklyn-based septet. Formed in 2006 when songwriter Michael Grace Jr and four other members of his previous combo My Favorite received an answer from Lisa Ronson (daugther of glam's myth Mick Ronson) to their ad placed in the Village Voice seeking a "tragic female voice". After the final addition of Jamie Babich (Nouvellas), their first release, "Desolation Town" EP arrived in 2008, followed by the debut album "The World That Never Was" on 2010. And since June we have "Americans Singing in the Dark", sophomore LP where the band offers a bombastic dose of their cinematic, moody, multifaceted and extremely rich indiepop. Think on impossible combinations like Roxy Music meeting Comet Gain, or Morrissey playing along The New Pornographers. Yes, that big. The Secret History has a lot to offer, a music world to discover.
The French Pop Dream. A little gem arrived to our physical mail address a week ago (thanks!). The first release of Duncan Steer's (Pastel Collision/Kaleida) new project, alongside with French singer Anne Brugiere. At the beginning of 2013, the musicians found they were living very close one from the other in London, and decided to make a record with her singing in English. "Eurostar, the Musical" EP anticipates a full album (and a visual companion) to be released on 2014. If the LP is near as good as this sweet, romantic, full of that dreamy 60s vibe, we might be in front of a forthcoming masterpiece. A pop delight.

Driving Mrs. Satan. Ok metal heads, this is for you!!... Oh well, maybe... anyway, I'm introducing you this Italian trio, originally from Naples but based in London and their curious project. After a house change in a record-hot summer, Giacomo Pedecini renewed his love for heavy metal (¡¡¡) but thinking on a completely new form. Alongside Ernesto Nobili and Claudia Sorvillo they built an indiepop version of Helloween’s "Never Say Die" and formed the band. The song was included on their first release, a digital EP in April of 2012 together with covers of ACDC’s "Hells Bells", Black Sabbath’s "Never Say Die" and Judas Priest’s "Living After Midnight". And now they are back with a complete album, "Popscotch", out in November on Agualoca Records, where they even manage to make Metallica's "Battery" sound like a great shiny sweet pop tune. They keep the lyrics and somehow the melodic structures, but the tunes are completely (luckily) new, showing sometimes a jazzy, others pure pop range, but always delicate, seductive (Claudia's voice is a killer) and inviting. Raise your hands, shake you head and yell: Long live to the new Brothers of Indiepop Metal!  

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