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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Discoverer 71: new indie findings

Back with a new dose of indie proposals for your ears only!

The Love Language. From North Carolina, USA, this combo is the result of a double rupture in 2008 for frontman's Stuart McLamb. First, the split of his former group, The Capulets. And second, a break-up with his girlfriend, which made him hide into his parents' house, where he recorded some demos that expanded into a full eponymous debut album released in 2009. A good critic reception and the invitation from The Rosebuds to open for them "forced" the creation of a proper band. Signed with Merge, their sophomore release "Libraries", came in 2010, and since this July we can enjoy now "Ruby Red". An indiepop blast with many faces, powerful and genuinely intense. Top-notch discovery.

Elizabeth Morris. I admit this is tricky, as Ms Morris is no other than our beloved Allo Darlin's leader, so, a discovery? She has the answer: "The last time I was home (Australia) I wrote songs on my great-great-great grandmother's 1850s piano. These songs didn't feel like Allo Darlin' songs. They were written during a turbulent time, and 've been floating around in my head ever since. A conversation with my friend Darren Hayman made me think that  I should record these songs on his ship's piano". The EP, completed with tune "Shoe Box" and a cover of Wave Pictures' "Sweetheart" is as delicious as you can expect, surprisingly intimate and affecting

Seabirds. Love at first listen. I'm serious. Matinee Recordings just found another unmissable new band for our longing indiepop ears! Only two tunes, I know, but what an incredibly promising start is the debut 7", out now, from this young quintet from Nottingham, UK. "Real Tears" is a stunning jangle-pop pill with rocking guitars and male-female soaring vocals that you will find very high on my best-of-the-year songs list, while backing "Oh Buoy!" takes a slightly softer approach without losing its immediate effervescence. MORE! We want MORE!

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