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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Discoverer 72: new indie findings

It's Sunday, so here you have more new indie proposals, enjoy !

San Fermin. Forget the terrible band name (I'm not Hemingway so I won't pretend I like bullfighting and getting drunk) and allow me to introduce you to Ellis Ludwig-Leone, a young songwriter from Rhode Island based in Brooklyn that after finishing his musical studies in 2011 became assistant of acclaimed arranger Nico Muhly (among other works) while prepared his own songs prior to collaborating and recording. The self-titled album is out since September via Downtown Records and is a surprising blend of chamber-pop and contemporary classical composition, where the ever-recurrent topics are "characterized" and sung with several vocal contributions. You'll hear The National, Tindersticks, Sufjan Stevens, The Divine Comedy and a dozen bands more at the same time, so be prepared. San Fermin, the band, is a unique experience.

Break It Up. Short drive to Philadelphia to meet drummer Casey Bell, who in 2009 found guitarist-vocalist Jen Sperling, and after several iterations of members added guitarist-vocalist Dan Morse, initially their producer, to complete the band. In 2011, they debuted with blogosphere's hit single “Excavate” and, since June, we have their ridiculously enjoyable self-titled LP available at their bandcamp. An immediate collection of hyper-vitaminated power-pop tunes, fuzzy and noisy guitars, traces of riot girrrl enthusiasm, a knack for melodies and a genuine feeling of enjoying themselves while playing together. A MUST.

The Clothes. And we end our "trip" in Macerata, Italy, to introduce you to singer and guitarist Massimo Scoposki and drummer Laura Palmiz. It seems the idea of having a band came to Massimo during his Erasmus in Nancy. Whatever the case, the White Stripes alike duo recorded their debut songs last year, and the result, “Fairy Lights Dress” EP (a mini-album of seven songs) is available since February, and for free at their bandcamp. You should be virtually running to grab the tunes now, because The Clothes are a C-86 injection straight to your spine and brain. Punk-pop, a relentless, true live spirit packed with the most "in-your-face" version of jangle melodies. Not to miss.  

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