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Friday, October 25, 2013

Festival Weekend. Defend Culture, Culture, Culture!

This country (I don't mind whether you are thinking on Spain or Catalonia, the result is the same) is a complete shame: corruption, lies, manipulation and an undisguised attempt to destroy the rights of the "regular citizen". Don't want to go "higher" and write about the European Union, not after seeing how are they reacting after the Lampedusa drama, because to me is just embarrassing to think I once was a serious supporter of the EU ideals, now an unmasked bunch of miserable people trying to design, rule our lives in their own benefit... I need a weekend to take shelter and hide, and to do that the best option, at least for me, has always been culture. Culture and education are the answer, and are bound together, against the bastards. Both needed to be defended (we do have a villain to fight against you know, it's called Wert, and looks like a vampire from a very dark age on Spanish history, not that long ago). Defended by you.

And in that sense this weekend is an ideal one. Two amazing festivals are taking place in Barcelona. Yesterday the 11th edition of the Beefeater In-Edit began (yes, music films are back in town!), and tomorrow the second BIS Festival (a fantastic idea where local labels gather to show the world what they do and why) will open its doors too. Music documentaries and local independent music, what a powerful and exciting combination. Would you like to defend culture? Here's a double option. You only need to get up and join what's going on in your city...      

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