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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Best Songs of the Year 2011: 25-1

And finally, we reach the end of this countdown among the best songs of the year with the 25 best tunes of 2011, always in my modest opinion, of course. Hope you have enjoyed the music ride!

25. Lose It- Austra
24. Alien Girl- The Very Most
23. Go Outside- Cults 
22. Cruel- St.Vincent
21. Impressions from a City Morning- Brown Recluse 
20. Heaven's Gonna Happen Now- The Pains of Being Pure at Heart 
19. The Bad in Each Other- Feist 
18. Bedouin Dress- Fleet Foxes
17. Jesus Came to My Birthday Party- The Middle East 
16. That’s Where You’re Wrong- Arctic Monkeys
15. Fast Fast- Let’s Buy Happiness
14. I Hate You But I Love You- Russian Red
13. Hiding Tonight- Alex Turner
12. Überlin- R.E.M.
11. Margot- Nat Johnson and The Figureheads
Best Songs of the Year (25-1) by Raul on Grooveshark10. Knots- Lisa Hannigan
9. Port of a Call- Beirut
8. Exile Vilify- The National
7. Suck It and See- Arctic Monkeys
6. Come On Over- Veronica Falls
5. Calamity Song- The Decemberists
4. The Words that Maketh Murder- PJ Harvey
3. Lippy Kids- Elbow
2. Reckless Serenade- Arctic Monkeys 
1. It Happened Today- R.E.M.

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