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Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Songs of the Year 2011: 100-76

Inevitably, with the arrival of every December, the best-of-the-year lists start to spread. So, after making a compilation of our favourites tunes so far in middle June, here's the first Bloodbuzzed Best Songs of the Year for 2011, a total of 100 songs without any other criteria that the tunes being released during this year. 

Today I post the first of the fourth series in which I have divided the song-list, comprising from number 100 to 76, so the playlists of each one of the sections have 25 songs. For the songs that weren't available on grooveshark I included alternative direct links below its title. Expect second part of the list on Monday.
Have your say and enjoy the music! 

Best Songs of the Year (100-76) by Raul on Grooveshark100. La Casa Cuartel- Disco Las Palmeras!
99. Your Love- Youngteam
98. Sad Girls- Big Troubles
97. Dreaming- Seapony
96. I Just Cleaned the Floor- Turn Off Your Television
95. I Dream of Chicago- Parlours
94. Better Days- Fonda
93. Winter Beats- I Break Horses
92. King and Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men
91. Swollen Hearts, Bitter Tongues- Young Romance
90. Safe for All Seasons- Favourite Sons
89. Spirit of Adventure- Be Like Pablo

88. Coffee & Wine- The Bright
87. Saturn Return- She Keeps Bees
86. Luv Goon- Puro Instinct
85. Still Life- The Horrors
84. She Fell Into My Arms- Wake the President
83. White Elephant- Ladytron
82. Record Shop- Help Stamp Out Loneliness
81. Dancing With a Hole in Your Heart- Art Museums
80. Lotus Flower- Radiohead
79. Pumped Up Kids- Foster the People
78. Come Closer- Miles Kane
77. Dirty Lakes- Let's Buy Happiness
76. We All Go Back to Where We Belong- R.E.M.

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