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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Discoverer 27: new indie findings

After a long while, we are back with Sunday band proposals for you!

Still Corners. I recently discovered "Creatures of an Hour", debut album from this Londoners. But after their gig at Primavera Club, now I count myself among their fans. Cinematic, movie influenced chamber retro-cool pop, lush and atmospheric dream-pop recalling Beach House or Broadcast, delicate shoegaze with glimpses of synth-pop, are all perfect but incomplete definitions. This is music with a haunting, eerily beauty, condensed in Tessa Murray's breathy voice, that propels you to a melancholic and sensual imaginary place. Immerse yourself  in the nicest of dreams. A must.
Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour

Braids. The second band discovered at Primavera Club is a Canadian four-piece that has gathered comparisons with Animal Collective and Panda Bear with their debut, "Native Speaker". True, their experimental, psychedelic songs connect them with these names, but Braids offer a unique amalgam of atmospheres and feelings, from strange, dreamy passages, to celestial and placid moments, in which the voices, in particular Raphaelle Standell-Preston's  hypnotic tone emerge as recurrent waves among the sea of sounds. Curious? Listen to the mesmerizing "Lemonade" and enjoy the ride.
BRAIDS 'Lemonade'
Plath Heart by Braids
Braids - Glass Deers

The Andersen Tapes. Let's move to the infallible Sweden to meet Amanda Aldervall, previously at the Free Loan Investments and The Busy Band. Her last project, The Andersen Tapes, began with the single "Smartypants" on Cloudberry in 2008, and early this 2011 she released  "As I Write 'Today' Ten Times", her first album. This collection of tunes shows where are in front of a woman with an unusual talent to offer perfect indiepop gems. Diverse, playful and unquestionably addictive, this album is a little precious treasure.
The Andersen Tapes - Visual Explanations
The Andersen Tapes - Cross Country

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