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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spanish Indie 5: suggesting the best national acts

And another section that needed new proposals. Here it goes!

Manos de Topo. With the November release of "Escapar con el Anticiclón", I have the perfect excuse to introduce you one of the most singular and indispensable Spanish bands. What began in Barcelona in 2003 as an entertainment now, after three records, is a solid career of incredibly funny but at the same time atrociously compelling music. With the whining and painful voice of Miguel Ángel Blanca (take it or leave it) moaning about romantic disasters, presiding indie-pop tunes embellished by keyboards and atmospheric sounds, and with the production of The New Raemon, "Escapar" is their best. Like The Cure dreamy music pouring hilarious (but recognisable) bile from the mouth. Unique.

fIRA fEM. This experimental four-piece from Madrid was one of the best gigs I saw at the Primavera Club. Formed in 2009, their music is a suggestive combination of sounds: psychedelic folk, post-rock, ambient,  electronic, shoegaze, mostly instrumental. But what makes them special is that these multiplicity of styles converge in real, powerful songs. Their tunes, to date the EPs "Mascot Human Disco" and "Old Man Jacket", are alive, dynamic, a fact that acquires an epic dimension live. Signed by Aloud Music, their album is expected for early 2012. Keep an eye on them and, if you have the chance, go watch them play!

Grushenka. Formed in 2010, this very young band from Barcelona, has debuted with "Grushenka EP", one of the most addictive national releases of the year, on the exciting label El Genio Equivocado (who already hit the target with Odio París). After a couple of demos, and with just five songs, the group offers an engaging dose of noise-pop, with instantly catchy melodies ("Feliz"), distortion and vital voices ("La Magnitud de la Tragedia"). Impossible not to associate their music to early Los Planetas or Ride, great references for a debut that generates great expectations for Grushenka's next step.
Grushenka - Grushenka EP by El Genio Equivocado

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