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Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Songs of the Year 2011: 75-51

As promised on Friday, here's the second chapter of the first Bloodbuzzed Songs of the Year, for tunes comprised from positions 75 to 51, with the grooveshark playlist to listen them and have your say. The third part will arrive on Thursday. Enjoy the music! 

Best Songs of the Year (75-51) by Raul on Grooveshark75. For Jacob with Malaria- Boca Chica
74. Cuando Nadie Pone un Disco- Odio París
73. Promises, Promises- Pocketbooks
72. Bedroom Eyes- Dum Dum Girls
71. Gravestone Metaphor- Babette Hayward
70. World Around You- Rubik
69. I Don’t Believe in Love- We Are Trees
68. Will Do- TV On the Radio
67. Evil Seeds- The Raveonettes
66. Mentirosa- Manos de Topo
65. Endless Summer- Still Corners
64. Better Off Without You- Summer Camp
63. Chair- Big Deal
62. I Heard You Say- Vivian Girls
61. Rose Mary Stretch- Pepper Rabbit
60. She's Thunderstoms- Arctic Monkeys
59. If You Wanna- The Vaccines
58. Tree by the River- Iron and Wine
57. Summer Hits or J Plus J Don’t Like- Mazes
56. The Sun The Trees- Russian Red
55. Mission Bells- Armistice
54. Florence- Be Forest
53. Abducted- Cults
52. Bitter Branches- PJ Harvey
51. A Sail- Lisa Hannigan

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