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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spanish indie. New releases from some of the best national acts

A return from a very special friend made me think about this post. So here you have, some recommendations of Spanish indie bands for your listening  pleasure:

Sr Chinarro. Antonio Luque deserves a unique place among the Spanish indiepop scene. The Andalusian artist has been around since 1990, although his first release dates from 1993 and he gained notoriety in 1997 with "El porqué de mis Peinados". A incredibly solid career of 11 albums contemplates one of the most intriguing and peculiar lyricists (and a idiosyncratic writer) of our country, which has just returned with "Presidente", released today, perhaps his lightest and open record to date.

La Bien Querida. "Romancero" was a huge success at the national level, propelling the career of Ana Fernández-Villaverde to an unexpected indie stardom, with awards, unanimous praise from critics and a collaboration with Los Planetas (probably the most famous Spanish alternative band). Now Ana is back with "Fiesta", her second album, and judging from the first single, "Hoy", seems we are in front of a huge step forward in her career towards being the "Spanish indie pop queen".

The New Raemon. Although preferring his previous two records and being disappointed by the quite radical drift of the third album, "Libre Asociación", the credit of Ramón Rodríguez is still intact. He has been brave enough to do what he felt it was right to do, despite changing a style, the acoustic songwriter approach, that gave him a lot of success. A superb lyricist, the new record finds him on a sombre mood, where introspection and electric guitars seems closer to Madee than to The New Raemon. Or better said, to the former The New Raemon, one of the most exciting artists of the country.

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