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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Discoverer 6: new indie findings

Sunday morning= new indie proposals. Here we go!

Cascadeur. Behind this artistic name and his masked face hides Alex Longo, a singular vocalist and songwriter. With three self-produced albums, he won the 2008 prestigious "CQFD" Prize awarded by French indie magazine Les Inrockuptibles, receiving a lot of attention since then in France. Music that recalls Antony and the Johnsons or the intensity of Jeff Buckley, that has an official debut album nowadays, with "The Human Octopus", ten songs, reworked and polished, from his first three albums and 18 new ones.

The Hi-Life Companion. This Bristol indiepop band debuted with a quickly sold out single in Cloudberry Records on 2008. Since then you can find them crafting gorgeous music. From The Beach Boys to Pavement, from Felt to the Velvet Underground, from Belle and Sebastian to The Go Betweens... harmonies, hand-clapping, jangling guitars, wonderful and dreamy instrumentals.... The DNA of perfect pop music flourishes on the diverse and  rich "Say Yes", their debut album, released last year. A record that should be in every shelf of all good music collector.

The Girl In The Gorilla Suit by The Hi-Life Companion

Night Comes Down by The Hi-Life Companion

The Ambience Affair. This Irish duo of vocalist/guitarist Jamie Clarke and drummer Marc Gallagher are responsible of a couple of great EPs, "Fragile Things" and "Patterns". Their music mixes some kind of dreamy landscapes, atmospheric textures with fierce playing and vocals, creating truly exceptional songs. After being mesmerized by "Patterns",  I was impatiently looking for more songs, and growing in frustration due to the lack of news. But now they are back, and after hearing "Weeds", the first taste of their debut album, with the help of a stomping cello and trumpets, it is going to be worth the waiting.

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