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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discoverer 8: new indie findings

As I won't be able to post this Sunday and I have many interesting bands to introduce you, here's the advanced next round of indie proposals!

The Head and the Heart. Coming together in the summer of 2009, the 6 members of this Seattle band self-released their album in 2010, but luckily their music gained fans and enough attention to make them sign with Sub Pop Records past November, re-releasing the album this year. Folk with tones of soul, melancholic pop, glimpses of americana, full of harmonies (watch the hyperlinked video please), and with a distinct, beautifully crafted and warmly honest, sound. 

Youngteam. Shoegazer lovers, this one is for you. This musical collective from Stockholm, Sweden, started their career in 2006, became a real band in 2008 and early this year presented "Daydreamer" a stunning collection of epic and slightly psychodelic pop tunes, recalling big names such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Velocity Girl, and especially, Ride. Great references for a very strong album. One to get lost into, like on the amazing "Your Love", featuring Anna Järvinen on vocals, or the title track, "Daydreamer".
Youngteam - Your Love

Xylos. Indiepop with litlle hints of electronic from this young Brooklyn band who debuted this April with its self-titled album. Catchy and a bit reminiscent of the 80s synth-pop, Monika Heidemann's voice (Tracey Thorn anyone?) is the trump card of this very remarkable group, making you feel the aching inside despite all the sweetness in the tune's melodies.

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