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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The National unveil new song, "Exile Vilify"

Caught by surprise...another new song from The National!! Released today on itunes, the tune is taken from the game "Portal 2".

The National's music publisher Bug Music went on to explain that the US band's sound "fit beautifully" in the game world. "After I met with Valve and learned about the intricacies and story line of the first Portal game, I knew The National's music would fit beautifully in the sequel," said spokesperson Julia Betley. "The National's raw and emotive music evokes the same visceral reactions from its listeners that Portal does from its players. It was exciting and a privilege to bring together two exceedingly talented creative teams to create something special for Portal 2. We’re entering different emotional terrain than “Pac-Man Fever”.

Don't have a clue about the game itself, but all I know is that we desperately NEED another physical release in the form of an EP or something similar. "You Were a Kindness", "Think You Can Wait" and now this one. Too many good songs to release them only digitally.

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