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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The pre-The National days: Nancy and Project Nim

A very curious, "archeological" indie post today.

You might have the notion I like The National by now. You are wrong. I completely ADORE them (surprised right? I know, I have my ironic mode on, sorry). So much, I try to collect everything from the band. But today, and thanks to the great The National Forum (allthewine, the official one) I could, finally, get my hands (virtually of course) over some music and information from the pre-The National days. 

"Bryan, my brother and I have been in bands since we were like 13," says guitarist Bryce Dessner from his Brooklyn apartment. "I'll be totally embarrassed if anybody digs it up, but our high school band was called Equinox -basically a party band- and the other band was called Project Nim. And Scott and Matt had a band called Nancy when they were at (the University of Cincinnati) that some people in Cincinnati seem to know about. Bryan and Scott were also in a band called the Flaming Intestines, which was a Punk band in the late '80s. "

Curious to listen? Eager to know? Here's the link to two albums from Project Nim: "A Tower of Babel" and "Where The Nothings Live. And, following this other link, you can find five songs from the first and only album from the lo-fi garage band Nancy.

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