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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Motorama, "One Moment" with the best Russian band

And from a personal soft spot, Nat Johnson, to another: Motorama. Let me introduce you briefly the best music from Russia ...Well, I admit I don't have a clue about Russian indie scene, but I can recognise a good band when I hear it, and Motorama are astounding.

This five-piece band comes from Rostov-on-Don (Southern Russia, in their own words, "a really peaceful boring place with some weird features") and started their career in 2005. But I discover them with "Alps" a formidable debut album and one of the best records from 2010. 80's post-punk and, new wave style that will immediately think about Joy Division (oh, that deep voice and persistent bass lines) but some sunny arrangements and dreamy sounds will let you realize quickly there's something different in here. Ian Curtis meets pop and melodramatic soviet books about adventures and travelling. Weird definition I know, but truly wonderful music.

So, do yourself a favour and watch/hear their latest release, "One Moment". And as you will ask for more, you can check their website or the links below to download more from them, as the band share their music free of cost. As great as they are, I have two demands to make: I want physical releases and to see them live!

Warm Eyelids by motorama
Alps by motorama
Ship by motorama

Links to all their releases (from their official website):

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