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Monday, April 11, 2011

Playlisting: C'MUN 2011 Farewell Dinner Session

Back after C'MUN 2011. Tired to death, but a huge success, meeting many many amazing people and having some wonderful moments. Together with long time friend and ANUE staff member Pablo, we prepared and compiled the farewell dinner music. Here's what was heard on Saturday. If you were there, hope you enjoyed!!

  1. Pythagoras's Trousers/Bittersweet Simphony- Penguin Cafe Orchestra/The Verve
  2. Strawberry Skies- Ford & Lopatin (former known as Games)
  3. Thieves- She & Him
  4. In Between Days- The Cure
  5. Zebra- Beach House
  6. Northern Seaside- Motorama
  7. At the Indie Disco- The Divine Comedy 
  8. Bigmouth Strikes Again- The Smiths
  9. Close to You- Tiësto
  10. Crystalised- The XX
  11. Cherry Blossom Girl- Air
  12. Don't Look in Anger- Oasis
  13. F.E.A.R.- Ian Brown
  14. God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)- El Perro del Mar
  15. My Friend- Groove Armada
  16. I Like- The Divine Comedy
  17. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- U2
  18. In and Out of Love- Armin Van Buuren feat. Sharon Den Adel
  19. Colours- Kordan
  20. Sour Times- Portishead
  21. Kusmi- Minks
  22. Natural Blues- Moby
  23. Sexy Boy- Air
  24. She's Losing It- Belle & Sebastian
  25. The Universal- Blur
  26. Suburban War- Arcade Fire
  27. Sweet Darlin'- She & Him
  28. Too Young- Phoenix
  29. Let's Go Surfing- The Drums
  30. Twenty Four Hours- Joy Division
  31. Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order
  32. Bloodbuzz Ohio- The National
Thanks to everyone that made C'MUN 2011 possible!

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