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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Hoping and Praying", The School gives another pop lesson

With the excuse of having listened the "Hoping and Praying" digital only (that's a shame) single, what this post really intends is to make you realize there's an incredible band from Wales that you shouldn't miss. Their name? The School. The reason you should look after them? They have a ridiculous talent to create indie pop gems.

If you haven't done yet, you must check "Loveless Unbeliever", their debut album, released on 2010, without a doubt one of the best records from past years. Led by Liz Hunt, the album is an undisputed succession of perfect tunes, mixing the best of the 60's girl bands (Ronettes, Shirelles, Shangrila's) with the touch of their older brothers, Camera Obscura (can you imagine a duet between Tracyanne Campbell and Liz?) and Belle and Sebastian.

"Hoping and Praying” is the last single taken from “Loveless Unbeliever”, and next to the song, irresistibly addictive, colourful and fun, you'll find 3 more gems to add to The School immaculate collection. “Can You Feel It?”, a previously unreleased track from the album sessions, accelerated pop with a superb chorus. "And Suddenly”, a cover of The Left Banke song, is so gorgeous it seems the perfect song for this spring season. Finally, the EP closes with “Let Me Be The Fairy on Your Christmas Tree Tonight”, taken from the compilation “A Very Cherry Christmas Volume 5” (Cherryade Records) having the quality of making not just a Christmas song worth the listening, but a guilty pleasure too. Overall, enchanting. Come to Barcelona soon!!

Check the single on the following SPOTIFY link
And listen to the full album on this SPOTIFY link

Need more? Check the video!!

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