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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Indietracks 2014 in brief, day 1

Back home from our first Indietracks Festival and as we regularly do with Primavera Sound, here's our quick chronicle, summarizing each day. To begin with, Friday 25th of July, the opening day!

The Good
The darlin's of pop
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Unique vibes: Everyone had "warned" us. And they were right. Relaxed, friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Unique place.
Teen Canteen: The first gig of the Festival was a great discovery. Lovely band that goes straight to our Discoverer section!
Allo Darlin': First time I saw them in Barcelona, a couple of years ago, the gig was pretty disappointing, flat and full of disrespectful, yelling people. But at Indietracks, they just nailed it. Fun, solid performance from start to finish, with band and guests (Emma Kupa from Standard Fare and two Just Joans) enjoying themselves while making the whole crowd happy. Great way to close the opening day!

The Bad
British diet: As one of the best Woody Allen's jokes says: "The food in this place is really terrible. Yes, and such small portions". He probably didn't know about the Festival's food offering, because he would have added. And so expensive!
Warm drinks: Hot sunny day and drinks are hot? No ice? Come on!

Martin Phillipps, bringing the
Dunedin Sound to Derbyshire
Photo: Bloodbuzzed

The Queen
The Chills: Was really looking forward to this. One of the Flying Nun most mythic bands, completely alive and kicking, as the powerful new tunes of forthcoming album 'Silver Bullets' showed. The New Zealand combo was flawless, with frontman Martin Phillipps showing his range and absolute command of the gig. And timeless classics like 'Pink Frost' (oh, these shimmering guitars lines) or 'Heavenly Pop Hit' were stunning. Long live to the Dunedin Sound (the old, the new and the always alive)!

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