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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Indie Anthology 54: essential songs

Revamped section, here's another one for our Indie Anthology, this time thanks to the great Minifestival de Música Independent de Barcelona. One of the bands playing at 2015's edition is an incredible, unexpected and extremely exciting comeback. First, with 'Kunstwerk in Spacetime', a great EP on our dear Shelflife Records... and now playing in my city? The tribute was mandatory.

Song: ln Spite of These Times
Artist: Close Lobsters
Year: 1987

I can't exactly remember when I first heard of the Lobsters. I'm pretty sure it was quite long ago, at a time when I was doing 'some research' on The Paisley Underground bands after getting knocked out by The Dream Syndicate's 'Days of Wine and Roses', and then the Internet source brought me to the Close Lobsters. Wow, 'Foxheads Stalk This Land' blew my mind! It was jangle-pop, sure, full of the trademark ringing & shining guitars, but there was a different, more straightforward, post-punk-rockier vibe too. A genuine strength combined with an unparalleled talent to build indie-pop flammable anthems. Like the glorious 'In Spite of These Times'. An intro made in heaven, the rickenbackers chiming, keyboards subtly creating the atmosphere, and Andrew Burnett vocals right up in front of you, forcing you to move, dance and sing-along until the tune explodes. Oh my! The unstoppable force of nature that is the majestic chorus where the carpe diem coda "don't let it slip through your hands" is delivered like a thunderstorm, before it all ends modestly, saying bye with a little, shy bang after all the epic. Oh, God, if I'm getting emotional just by writing this imagine when I see them live in February...

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