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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best Songs of the Year 2014 so far

It has been a titanic task, but here it is. Following past week's list with the Best Records/Eps of the year so far, today we propose you a second list with our favourite tunes during this six months of 2014. Like we did on previous years, we have prepared a playlist with the best 30 songs on a selection based on two criteria: songs released during 2014, and just 1 song per group/artist. The playlist (that you can enjoy at our soundcloud except for two songs) is in alphabetic order. Hope you enjoy!

1997, Passing the Hallway- Martha
Ashes and Embers- The Casket Girls
Coming Down- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Els Dies s’Allarguen- Renaldo & Clara
Embers- Night Flowers
Enredo Interesante- Grushenka
Every Time the Sun Comes Up- Sharon Van Etten
Familia /Trabajo- Cosmen Adelaida
Happening- Desperate Journalist
Heavy Heart- Tripping the Light Fantastic
Hi-Five- Angel Olsen
Horseshoe- Withered Hand
Just like Before- Beach Beach
Killer Bangs- Honeyblood
This is Pop- Latimer House
Losing to the Dark- La Sera
Lovejunky- The Popguns
Magazine- The Proper Ornaments
Market Town- Echo and the Bunnymen
Mistakes of My Youth- Eels
My Heart is a Lonely Hunter- The Pretty Greens
My Silver Lining- First Aid Kit
New Skin- Torres
Pale- Young Romance
Talking Backwards- Real Estate
Things too Obvious to Sing- The Very Most
Try- The Zebras
Visiones- Aries
Wavy Gravy- Flyying Colours
Yeah Tonight- Gold Bears

Note: I was uncapable to choose just one song from the following terrific albums:'Our Years in the Wilderness' by The Hi-Life Companion, 'Mundo Fatal' by Me and the Bees and 'Before there Were Pictures' by Pale Lights.

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