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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Primavera Sound 2014 in brief, day 2

As promised yesterday, here's the quick review of our first "big day" at the Primavera Sound Festival 2014. Pretty nice day!

The Good
Real Estate, pop greatest investors
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Real Estate: They play in another league. Music that will last forever. Their show was, as expected, a delight, even despite being in one of the main stages of the Festival and at such an early hour in the afternoon. Classics already.
Warpaint: Three years ago, her gig at Primavera was a huge disappointment for me (I love their first EP and album), as the sound was terrible. But their return to one of the main stages was a very different affair. Diverse, suggestive and hypnotic from start to finish. Paid due.
A "friendlier Mordor": Kudos to the organisation for the idea of putting the two biggest stages facing each other. Going there and walking around the area was much more comfortable overall. Good decission.

The Bad
Grupo de Expertos Solynieve
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Grupo de Expertos Solynieve: I was quite eager to see them live, but neither Jota (Los Planetas) or the band in general sounded any good. At least the touching 'La Nueva Reconquista de Graná', got a glimpse of how a good gig from them could be... but that was the only exception, sadly.
The return of "the fakers": They chat constantly, but what's worse, they have decided to pump out their volumes. They do selfies all the time, expecting you to smile at them while they are looking to gain more "vital space" without thinking about your existence. They now drink (VIPs) glasses of wine, so you should be careful about that (they need much more space, of course). They don't give a damn about music, they only care about their Iphone... and the story keeps going... forever.  

The Queen
The passion according Annie Clark
Photo: Bloodbuzed
St.Vincent: Not a fan of Annie Clark's latest album (I prefer 'Strange Mercy' and her earlier works) but to see an artist perform the way she did on Thursday is the reason why music is more than a simple hobby, and why live shows can be meaningful, still. Clinic precision, absolute control of the time and aesthetics of a gig (robot dances, dramatic gestures and climaxes), explosive music talent, but what matters the most,real and true passion... Superb show.

Brief of the second "big day" of the PS14, Friday 30th arriving tomorrow!

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