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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Indie Anthology 46: essential songs

What about celebrating the expanded reissue of the legendary C86 compilation cassette for the next chapter of our Indie Anthology? Here's our modest tribute to one of the most underrated bands (polite way to avoid saying completely neglected) that took part on that landmark release...

Song: Therese
Artist: The Bodines
Year: 1986

Mike Ryan, Paul Brotherton, Tim Burtonwood and Paul Lilley, like many others, seemed to have all aces in their hands. Formed just a year earlier, they quickly became one of the most promising upcoming of jangly indie combos spreading around that time. Debut 'God Bless' on Creation Records was followed by 'Therese', being included on the C86 album, allowing them to sign with major Magnet Records with extremely high expectations. That were never fulfilled, commercially speaking, making the band disband. A shame, because songs like 'Therese' are simply impossible to resist. Compulsive jangle-pop, that seems to be propelled by a rocket, inviting the listener to get lost and dance the humming guitar lines. Criminally forgotten gem.

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