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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Indie Anthology 45: essential songs

After introducing them at Indienauta on Monday, I already warned you this was going to be a Pale Lights kind of week at the blog. So the next chapter in our Indie Anthology is devoted to another Phil Sutton's project, currently under hiatus (long sigh)...

Song: Young and Dumb
Artist: The Soft City
Year: 2010
Anyone that knows me a little bit is aware that, from time to time, I completely fall for a female's voice. The list is long and, happily, never-ending (I guess I will make a list of my favourite female singers sooner or later on the Blog). I discovered The Soft City in 2011. I remember hearing for the first time Dora Lubin's sweet but at the same time explosive vocals on 'Young and Dumb' and got completely knocked-out. I thought it was a lost song of my beloved Natalie Merchant playing with the 10.000 Maniacs! Then I discovered there was a band with a great past on their shoulders (with members of Comet Gain, The Ladybug Transistor and Crystal Stilts) and that the whole album (this post is also a reminder I need to grab a copy of this) is enchanting. You get the 80's Maniacs eerie vibe with British jangle-pop, a bit of The Go-Betweens, Velocette, etc. Bouncy pop melodies with extremely infectious choruses and that celestial voice... Ms. Lubin, please come back singing!

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