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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Indie Anthology 47: essential songs

For the next round of our Indie Anthology I propose you one of my favourite tunes from an indiepop (and very often neglected) genius...

Song: I Don't Believe You
Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Year: 2004

Jumped quite late on The Magnetic Fields' bandwagon. Some friend recommended me, telling me that being such a huge The Divine Comedy's fan I would love '69 Love Songs'. But I do admit that when I got the album in my hands I thought, a triple record? And so the moment passed... but barely for a couple of years, when 'I' was released and I got haunted by 'I Don't Believe You', its instant melody and magic cello. Then quickly came 'All My Little Words', 'The Book of Love', 'I Don't Believe in the Sun', '1.000 Fireflies' or personal favourite 'Nothing Matters when we're Dancing'. Stephen Merritt, the impossible crossover between Stuart Murdoch, Neil Hannon and Calvin Johnson. Pure genius.

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