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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Primavera Sound 2014 in brief, day 5

And the last chapter of this Primavera Sound 2014's series is here. A sunny day at the Parc de la Ciutadella...

The Good
Our soft spot: Renaldo & Clara
Photo: Bloodbuzzed 
Four more bands: For free, under sunny and clear skies, in a relaxed way despite massification (which also means noise) at Parc de la Ciutadella. Seeing my dear Renaldo & Clara (want them in a more intimate venue soon please) playing some tunes of their superb new album, Hospitality for the second time, Mark Eitzel and Dum Dum Girls, who offered a very nice show again, in such a unique scenario is quite a thing to experience. A great way to end this Festival's edition after the exhausting (we were really on our physical limits on Sunday afternoon) central days at Fòrum, don't you think?

Sunny Hospitality. Photo: Bloodbuzzed 
The Bad
Massification: Coincidence or bad planning? Pretty sure wasn't the fault of the organisation, but the fact there was something else going on at the Parc (involving hundreds, thousands, zillions of kids, you can all get terrified now) almost collapsed the place. By the time Dum Dum Girls closed the gigs, it was extremely hard to just walk by.
Angel Olsen: We were so exhausted we couldn't find the strength to watch her at BARTS on Sunday night. Deeply sorry for that, please come back soon to Barcelona!

The Queen
Words & Music: Mark Eitzel
Photo: Bloodbuzed
The Mark Eitzel Ordeal: Long-time pending on my agenda, I finally can say I saw Mr. Eitzel, which exceeded my expectations. Romantic, passionate and intense, bursting with every single word he delivered. I know this might be read as a cliche or a naive comment, but you know when an artist sounds true to your ears? Eitzel looked to me like a musician from another time, meaning that in a positive way. Without cynicism, without caring about aesthetics. Just melodies, words and heart. Only one thing to regret, the show was too short.

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