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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The (Spanish) Fake Empire

Tomorrow we will have a new King in Spain, but there's absolutely nothing to celebrate. What happens tomorrow is that we are going to be the spectators of a private party (and do not forget, we are also the ones paying it) where the ruling class of this country commemorates the maintenance of their corrupt & rotten system. The ones that lived so well under the dictatorship regime, under the monarchy and the so-called democratic system. In three words: the Spanish Fake Empire... Take a look at their faces...

The infography is taken from Cafè amb Llet, among the very few publications in this country still worried to tell the truth. I truly recommend you to check it out here.
Also, do not miss 'Orgullo y Satisfacción', a collection of satyric vignettes on the Spanish monarchy, and a brave & fun reaction to one of the most despicable recent examples of censorship seen in this shameful country...

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