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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Indie Anthology 37: essential songs

Sometimes the songs you want to hear are there waiting for you. Our next chapter at the Indie Anthology  is one of the finest examples Spanish music has given us in the latest years (ok, decade). The singer-songwriter's tradition honoured and reinvigorated thanks to a man of many talents (Mr. Ramón Rodríguez composes, sings, writes and draws extremely well), with an unmatched ability to find the perfect line.

Song: Por Tradición
Artist: The New Raemon
Year: 2009

The end is always closer than you imagine. Or better said, what we, silly humans do, is try to negate the truth until it explodes right in front of our faces. The New Raemon really knew (should I write on past tense? I'm unsure he'll perform again under that nickname, hope he does) how to pen a tune about that. It has to hurt, has to be poignant and, for a while, merciless. But it has to be wise too. "Por Tradición" puts the listener right in the middle of a scene he/she also knows (pretty well) while the song, and the story slowly builds up. Characters share the blame, which goes along the tune's crescendo. The point of no return arrives at the explosive chorus, making you eager for the resolution in the epic's finale. But as the good writers are capable of doing, there's no final answer. You'll have to find it by yourself. A piece of our daily miseries, our personal demons and weakness, encapsulated in 3:30 minutes. There are few things mighty pop can do... when a talented man is on command. Thanks Mr. Rodríguez, for putting music to real life.

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