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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Discoverer 85: new indie findings

Looking for new music? Here's a trio of amazing discoveries, enjoy!

Watoo Watoo. Fated to love this band. Hailing from Bordeaux, Pascale & Michaël Korchia began offering their majestic indiepop in 1997, with first EP "Un Peu de Moi". Since then, the duo have released 3 albums, "Le Fumalin" & "Curiosites?" in 2001, latest being a covers record, and "Le Fuite" in 2007, plus 2 more EPs, "Picture of a Lost Friend" in 1999 & "Le Tourbillon" in 2011, released on Dufflecoat Records. Luckily, this 2014 is going to be a Watoo Watoo year with the release of 4th album "Une Si Longue Attente", out now in Jigsaw Records. A delight from start to finish, their music is lush, warmly textured, a reincarnation of Stereolab willing to pen the perfect pop song... once and again!
Major Leagues. Back to Australia to meet this Brisbane quartet, formed in 2012, offering wonderful tastes of their pop talent in digital format since that September, until past December arrived their debut EP "Weird Season". Five tunes infused by the sun, armed with an arsenal of irresistible hooks and bigger-than-life melodies, fuelled by fuzzed-out guitar and a carefree, youth spirit. Best Coast, the poppier side of Bleached, I'll let the comparisons to you. Me, I prefer to focus just on the immediate joy and promise of this first batch of tunes. More soon, please!

Caténine. Another one thanks to the great February Records, folks. Caténine is the Massachusetts-based recording project of Dylan Connor, who began his career with a self titled (and self-released) EP in December 2012. Live shows (where he expands the project into a quartet) and a split release with Funeral Advantage on Disposable America Records followed in September 2013. And with the mind-blowing (oh, these guitar lines!) single "In Your Ruin" surfacing now courtesy of February Records we can certify Connor is an artist to follow closely. Classy jangle pop meeting hazy dreampop, with slight touches of synths and icy 80's post-punk. A mixture of wonders.

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