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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Indie Anthology 35: essential songs

And if  our latest Indie Anthology tune was a Spanish classic, what about a jangle masterpiece from the UK golden age? Let's vindicate The June Brides, who luckily are still offering us great songs (yes, I'm going to write about them in the very near future).

Song: Just the Same
Artist: The June Brides
Year: 1986

As I guess every Spaniard, I discovered The June Brides very late. You know. Fall in love with Belle and Sebastian (the other option might be falling for The Smiths). Dig into the sound, then you find Felt and The Field Mice. Then one realises jangle pop is "larger than life", and becomes obsessed. The haunt keeps going and pretty soon, a peculiar combo that mixes the trademark guitars of the genre with violas and trumpets, appears in front of your eyes (and ears). What a mind-blowing band. Here's pulse, the joyous pop beat, perfection arriving at the minute mark, subtle and crystalline, and the wonder flourishes with an infinite chorus, where the trumpet dialogues with vocals. Four minutes of pure joy.

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