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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Discoverer 86: new indie findings

Here comes another round of exciting discoveries for your ears only, enjoy!

Tripping the Light Fantastic. We begin our trip in Hamburg, Germany with this seven-piece group whose origins technically dates back to 2001, although the existing version of the group didn't form until 2008. With a S/T mini-album in 2009 and three 7" singles between 2010 and 2013 (the latest pair out on Dufflecoat and Cloudberry Records), their debut full LP, ...Is Tripping the Light Fantastic, just came out now on Jigsaw Records. An indiepop kaleidoscope, vital, joyous, full of arresting melodies and playful vocals. Orange Juice? Check. The Pastels? Check. Twee? Check. Fun? Check, check, check, check, check...
Astral Pattern. We move to London to meet this trio formed early last year, after the split of their previous band S.C.U.M., and following a crucial trip to Dusseldorf to see Kraftwerk, their favourite band live. With only one release to date, the EP "Light Poems", out since July via 37 Adventures label it might be to early to analyse the influence's extent of the seminal German band. But judging by their five tunes, a subtle, lush, elegant and evocative blend of ethereal dreampop with motorik structures, what we can guarantee is that here's a promising combo to follow from now on.  
Violet Hours. Three weeks ago I introduced you the exciting post-punk band Desperate Journalist, which have me completely haunted. But the addiction is going to get even worse because I just found Jo Bevan, their amazing singer and leader, has another project going on. A quintet (initially a trio) formed on February last year & poised to make "pop that's going to be remembered". Indeed, judging by the three songs available to date. Timeless, epic pop daunting between baroque ballads and indiepop 80s classics, with Bevan's voice crooning among the delicate melodies. Oh my, what a music crush! Can't wait for more!

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