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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Indie Anthology 34: essential songs

More Indie Anthology, this time digging deep in the vaults of the best Spanish indie bands. Interviewing Òscar Fernàndez, and reading the books he's publishing has consequences.... wonderful consequences!

Song: Un Día Gris
Artist: Aventuras de Kirlian
Year: 1989

Pioneers, fathers of another way of understanding (and making) pop in Spain (devoted to 80's British jangle bands, but with a French twist), and If you ask me, probably also another way of understanding life. Criminally underrated then (now with a cult status), Kirlian was the immediate precursor of Le Mans and La Buena Vida, but time hasn't affected the songs any bit: they remain as pure and irresistible as they were. "Un Día Gris" is pure twee pop, undeniably charming but natural, with an eternal chorus so simple (paparapá) you can't believe it's for real, appearing to propel Teresa Iturrioz's calmed vocals to another level. Hard not to smile. A comforting, mighty little tune.

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