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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stop Awful Covers 10

Can you believe this is the tenth Awful Covers Series? Ten posts already. I'm starting to assume, with utter sadness, this will never end... Bad taste rules music world. Please musicians, respect your music and your fans. Please stop...


The Oh Sees: Floating Coffin
Food on covers is always a very risky choice. But this are just disgusting strawberries

 Morrissey:  Kill Uncle
Not the first time Bigmouth is featured here. It's always me, myself and I with him.

The Knife: Shaking the Habitual
You are known as an intriguing, even subversive band. And from know on, also as the responsible of a very lame sleeve.

Har Mar Superstar: Bye Bye 17
Terrible record title & group name. And where's Bruce Lee touching his nose before kicking your ass?

Tropical Popsicle: Dawn of Delight
I just found a goldmine. Promise you it won't be the last time this band appears here...regrettably
Of course, our regular dose of zero work on an artwork. Very little mental effort.

Saez: Miami
I know I know, but I promise you this is not a hip-hop sleeve.

Fangoria: Cuatricomía
And to the end this round of disasters, a Spanish veteran reference, amazingly tacky.  

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