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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A weekend full of music (part I)!

Just woke up on what it has to be a lazy Sunday after two days full of music. Here's a summary, divided on two posts, of what we have seen and done the last 48 hours.

24th Barcelona Guitar Festival
As a coincidence, we had a double date on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th with this Festival that during several weeks offers all kind of concerts. Friday was supposed to be a very special gig for me, the first chance to see personal favourites Allo Darlin' live. But unfortunately the night turned out a bit disappointing.

Les Sueques. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
The night at BARTS Espai Club, a small but quite pretty venue counted started so promisingly thanks to the good vibes transmitted by the support band Les Sueques, another emerging act of the great label El Genio Equivocado (look for them at the Spanish Indie section of this blog very soon). Songs a bit chaotic, a bit undefined, but full of intrigue, potential and challenge. Pop-punk with a dark, sardonic side (somewhat sad that half of the audience only seemed to be there for the jokes), sharp guitar lines and a quartet with a lot of promise.

Allo Darlin' at BARTS. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
With a venue so packed the space was became a bit uncomfortable, Allo Darlin' started their gig and quickly exposed the contradictions of the night. So many irresistible indiepop songs in their short career, a natural charm and the feeling they were having a good time cannot hide the fact sound was pretty average (only exception of Paul Rains' guitar lines) in particular with thevocals. But that wouldn't have been such an important factor. The problem was, that at least to me, this was one of the best examples I ever suffered of how live music is being ruined by postureo: irritating people that is just there because they think "being indie is in/cool", posers, fakers that just have the feeling they have to be there although they don't really care. I'll post on that soon.

Jane Joyd at Music Hall. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
It was a very different thing the next day at Music Hall. Jane Joyd arrived to Barcelona, amazed us, and confirmed what a great artist she is. Surrounded by a fantastic band (kudos to the drummer, a real beast, the keyboardist and the powerful trumpet) and ignited by her disarming voice, the songs were a real impact. Sure, the music proposal can be "too much", and that intensity could be a bit extreme for a full album. This is not the sort of music you are looking to listen each day, it requires some will from the listener. But if you do, you'll be greatly rewarded. Don't miss the chance to see Jane Joyd live.

You can read the second part of this post, on the Record Store Day held yesterday, coming right now here!

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