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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A weekend full of music (part II)!

We end our summary of this special last two days with what happened yesterday, a celebration day!

Record Store Day
Finally, an imported idea that seems to fits nicely here (and despite some silly debates on its "ownership") and has grown steadily. It was very pleasant to realise how music lovers (many posers too) were willing to take the streets (literally "my" streets) and invaded the majority of the record shops located in the centre of Barcelona. Although I personally didn't buy much (grabbed a bargained copy of The Decemberists' "The King is Dead") I did have a great morning wandering around the city record stores together with the two gentle masterminds from El Genio Equivocado.

Wiggum live. Photo: Bloodbuzzed
On the afternoon we went to the cosy Ultra-local Records at Poblenou's district for the live presentation of "La Guerra Mundial", Wiggum's sophomore release. I told you recently on this blog, this band is one to watch. Now I certify it: you must watch it before they get too big. Even on a limited format (they were just three) and with a reduced setlist, they just proved their new album has several guitar-driven alternative-rock hits and they know how to play them. Songs like "Amarillo" or "El Caminar" are really "serious stuff".

With my cute bosses, the Pin&Pon djs!
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
After Wiggum, we went to Jane Joyd's gig at Music Hall. As explained on the previous post, her performance was splendid, a genuine music experience. But it wasn't the end of "our" record store day. We still had a fun party at a very peculiar place, the Generator Hostel of Barcelona, with the Pin & Pon djs (owners of El Genio Equivocado and my "bosses" at Indienauta). I can assure three things: First, although the place wasn't prepared to dance, these lovely couple could make you move with ridiculous ease. Second, Pulp's "After You" is a colossal tune. Third, and probably not the best part, after hearing many classics from my youth, I realise how old I'm becoming!!! It was a fun way to end this couple of days.

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